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Sovrano Orangello Cream

         The Purest and Most Unique Orangello Ever Made!
        “Made with New Zealand Oranges and Italian Passion.”


Sovrano Orangello Cream, the first New Zealand made Orangello Cream. Once you taste its smoothness, balanced with the complexity of the orange zest you will be delighted and fall in love with our Orangello Cream.

As all our products, Sovrano Orangello Cream is natural with no artificial ingredients.

Enjoy Sovrano Orangello Cream cold … straight from the freezer, in a shot glass or for enriching your deserts and Ice cream.


• New Zealand: The perfect maritime climate for growing oranges
• Same family recipe for five generations
• 100% all-natural, insecticide-free oranges
• Gluten-free
• Absolutely no artificial colors or preservatives
• Locally produced spirits – distilled to an amazing 96.4% pure
• Meticulous distilling process – Exactly 61 days


• ABV: 20%
• Appearance: Creamy pale yellow white color
• Aroma: Inviting aromas and flavors of frosted lemon cake and vanilla bean
• Palate: A creamy, tangy, moderately sweet medium-to-full body
• Finish: A long, seamless and complex finish with notes of orange candy, cream, and delicate spice.

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