Sovrano Limoncello Pork loin with Apple


  • 150/200 grams of pork loin per person, cut with a thickness of about half an inch (5 mm.)
  • 2 apples that need to cover all slices
  • 50ml Sovrano Limoncello
  • Salt
  • Olive Oil,
  • spices as you like


Beat the meat slices to get lower and tender. Must be placed on a sheet of film or slice of baking paper to break the fibers of the meat. Do not beat directly on the slice, because they break the fibers, resulting in a loss of quality.

Put the slices in a pan, without oil and cook over low heat. turn them until the meat changes color uniform.

Add Sovrano limoncello and let it evaporate.

Then, add the salt, a little oil, spices, apples, which should cover all the slices of meat but must be sliced very thin, like onions. Best if grated, because it also forms the gravy.

At this point, cover the pot with a lid until the apples become like a puree.

If you notice that the sauce begins to thicken and apples are not yet cooked, no problem, with a touch of craft add a half cup of water .Serve also to remain a sauce to put on the meat as a condiment.


Sovrano Limoncello

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